29 July 2009

Dear Summer...(A Thank You Letter)

Dear Summer,

This is Merk writting you. I wanna tell you thank you once again for everything that you've taught me since last year! You brought me through what was the coldest winter of my life! Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally and teaching me how to forgive. Thank you for bringing a few of the most wonderful people I've ever known into my life! Thank you for surrounding me with people who have been through what I'm enduring and being able to lend me guidance and knowledge. Thank you for helping me reconnect with God. My faith is stronger and my mind is still. Thank you for showing me patience!!!! Lord knows that I needed to learn that lesson. Thank you for giving me a sense of resolve. When the tides get high, I've learned to continue to push forward through the current and with prayer and patience a wind of change will always carry back to the shore! Thank you for making me appreciate the love of my mother! Despite whatever goes on between us, love will always carry us through. Thank you for allowing me to see the grace and power of God! Thank you allowing me to sit and speak with a good friend before you took him home. Thank you for teaching me to see past people's flaws and not be overtaken by my own. Thank you for allowing me to placed in a situation to excel and exhibit the things I'm good at. Thank you for bringing me my 21st year. Thank you for blessing me with another sister whom I love like she is blood. Thank God for covering me in the blood of Christ and moving my spirit to move others. Thank you for good friends, brothers, and sisters. I'm a completely different person since I last wrote you only one year ago and I hope you can see that change in me. Until next year.

Sincerely Yours,

P.S. Tell the Winter I said hello and I'll see him soon.

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  1. Sweetie, I am so proud of you. You are definitely not the same man I met a year ago. God has truly blessed you in many ways and I feel lucky to have witnessed your new creation.