09 February 2011


I acknowledge that a few dumb kids started all this and it’s not the University fault that happened, but there have been 2 acts of racism within 2 weeks, they have to do something and it needs to be quick and public. Emails aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Acts of Racism @ The University of Alabama

What the fuck is going on on this campus? Why has it come to the point that the injustices that have plagued this university for decades and resurfacing themselves? Especially during the month that has been set to be one that acknowledges and relishes one of the most profound yet persecuted historical legacies of a race of people, being African Americans? This just goes to show us, that this remains to be a place, tainted with prejudice, hate, and most embarrassingly, ignorance. The University of Alabama has the inalienable responsibility to protect the rights and security of ALL its students and if that responsibility is met with negligence, then we may as erect a statue of George Wallace in front of the new Foster Auditorium, because our presence at this institution would obviously be unwanted, unappreciated, and inessential to the direction that this University would be taking.

24 January 2011


Well, its finally time!!! Download your copy of Gone In December by clicking the mixtape cover to the right! I hope you enjoy! I'd appreciate feedback, be that negative or positive because I make the music for you guys! Thanks. 

Its also available @ www.mixconnect.com/user/tmerk OR @ www.datpiff.com and SEARCH "T MERK"


25 October 2010

Gone N December (Update)

***Official Cover***
Whats Good World?! Just wanna give y'all an update on the mix-tape. I've OFFICIALLY completed all the recording for the project and I waiting on DJ Dirty Vegas to green light the mix and it will be ready by NEXT MONTH!!!! I updated the blog a little with some new music and I got some more good stuff coming soon. I'll also be updating my YouTube Channel so y'all can check that too. I got some big things planned, so keep up with me! Follow ME on Twitter @CuzMerkSaidSo. 


25 June 2010

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12 August 2009

Word Up Wednesday

Whats good people?! Ya know its amazing how much you can take from your experiences and the impact that they can have on your life for such a short of LONG time. It's sad that you can probably name the 3 saddest moments in life faster than you can name the 3 happiest. It seems like we are so quick to overlook the good the world because we are too afraid to see the negative. That has made people become so cynical that it isn't fair to anyone. But it's hard...it's extremely difficult to get pass what hurts you and what you are afraid of, so in response, we try to avoid a lot of it all together, which isn't a healthy way to approach life. Whether it be a guy or girl that you're talking to, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, sister, brother, friend or whatever, don't allow the things that people do to you become the rock that makes you stumble, let them become your stepping stone to ascend into a higher place in your life and move you to become a stronger, wiser, and happier YOU! God sends us all through trials and tribulations and I know that he will bring you out of anything YOU get yourself into, but I also believe that God gives us free will and enough sense to get ourselves out of a lot of things on our own! HE won't move in your life until you make room for him too! This week, try prioritizing the things in your life! (including people) Dont make anyone a priority to you unless you are a priority to them. Don't be afraid to step out on faith, but don't mistake faith with making an excuse to do something stupid! Spend time with the people you are close with. Spend a little money if you have to! Don't be afraid to live! Take some chances and try something that you wouldn't normally do! EXPERIENCE LIFE! Don't just let LIFE BE AN EXPERIENCE!

Truly Yours,

P.S. Check out my new song with my boy RSG!

05 August 2009

Word Up Wednesday!

What a week it has been! I've moved twice (only one time was for me), saw my boy's story on First 48, bought a puppy, fell in love with her in a day, then had to sell her, spent some QT with some of my closest friends, had a wreck in a U-Haul, bonded with the bruhs, got bit by a spider on my forehead, and made up with wifey, all the while dealing with my own personal problems. You know, minus the BS, life's great. Appreciate the little moments in life. They may not mean much later, but take time to relish in the moment, because everyone of them is a unique time and experience that will never happen again. Cherish the people closest to you and thank God for them. Try to pray in a different way! Talk to God! Tell him how u feel like you would tell ya best friend! Tell your parents you love them, even if they pissed you off. It's worth it. It's all worth it. Talk to yall next Wednesday.

P.S. Try to watch the national news at least once a day...it's a lot going on that effects our community and we've been in the dark long enough. Click the link to read about what going on with this health care plan.

-Merk Sum'n

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29 July 2009

Dear Summer...(A Thank You Letter)

Dear Summer,

This is Merk writting you. I wanna tell you thank you once again for everything that you've taught me since last year! You brought me through what was the coldest winter of my life! Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally and teaching me how to forgive. Thank you for bringing a few of the most wonderful people I've ever known into my life! Thank you for surrounding me with people who have been through what I'm enduring and being able to lend me guidance and knowledge. Thank you for helping me reconnect with God. My faith is stronger and my mind is still. Thank you for showing me patience!!!! Lord knows that I needed to learn that lesson. Thank you for giving me a sense of resolve. When the tides get high, I've learned to continue to push forward through the current and with prayer and patience a wind of change will always carry back to the shore! Thank you for making me appreciate the love of my mother! Despite whatever goes on between us, love will always carry us through. Thank you for allowing me to see the grace and power of God! Thank you allowing me to sit and speak with a good friend before you took him home. Thank you for teaching me to see past people's flaws and not be overtaken by my own. Thank you for allowing me to placed in a situation to excel and exhibit the things I'm good at. Thank you for bringing me my 21st year. Thank you for blessing me with another sister whom I love like she is blood. Thank God for covering me in the blood of Christ and moving my spirit to move others. Thank you for good friends, brothers, and sisters. I'm a completely different person since I last wrote you only one year ago and I hope you can see that change in me. Until next year.

Sincerely Yours,

P.S. Tell the Winter I said hello and I'll see him soon.

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